Capstone Project, 2003: Lucinda Nickell


Year One: 2001 Leysin, Switzerland

The creation of a Stand Alone Instructional Resource Project via Microsoft Power Point was developed and utilized to reinforce the pre-taught concept on how to create an Occasion Position Statement that equates a topic sentence or main idea of an essay. Within this StAIR student’s knowledge was reinforced, given feedback based on questions that they would answer, along with choices they were to make demonstrating their mastery on how to write an Occasion Position Statement. This was accomplished using a link to Microsoft Word were they were to show how the various parts of a Occasion Position statement that they created themselves came together as the introduction of an essay via the promptings of the StAIR.


Year Two: 2002 Plymouth, England

The focus for the Action Research Project that I embarked upon was the catastrophic endeavor of developing a Classroom Website to improve communication with parents, offering them an avenue to the events and happenings within the classroom, along with the goal of wanting to enhance student learning. The reasoning behind this project was to utilize Technology in such a way that it went beyond the informational realm, and into the realm of getting students to think, discover, and create on their own. This was accomplished to a degree, yet more so the website worked as a resource, and tool to keep my students organized so that their learning could be enhanced due to their success in being prepared for the tasks taking place in the classroom.


Year three: 2003 Plymouth, England

Main concern/focus: to continue building and utilizing my website as a source of technology, being able to use it in such a way that is conducive to learning, yet not detracting from it. More so to have it enhance the curriculum not dictate it. Yet on the other hand, making sure that it doesn’t just function as a source of information. It should act more so as a catalyst for creation. I want my students to be able to take a concept, and develop their ideas around it, going beyond that which they have to learn using the website as a resource or facilitator to do so. My aim as well is to develop more user friendly aspects with in the website to keep students organized, helping them feel successful, so that they are prepared to learn the tasks ahead of them, then apply that whish they learn. The focus is on them. It is their tool for discovery, feedback, confirmation, safety net, and used as a strategy for learning the things they don’t know The Big Question: will my website really enhance student learning or will it just aide in making learning possible? Meaning, is it just a fancy way to keep them organized, or can it truly motivate them to discover the world around them, and get them to see that which they would never have experienced without the tech in the first place?

Beyond the Classroom: This website will also have the ability to present who I am as an educator, revealing my philosophy, educational background, journey, and product of that which has been learned.

Concerns and questions:

v      Time being an issue, all the difficulties you have to sus out just to get one tiny bit accomplished

v      Technology can take control of your curriculum instead of just enhancing that which you wish to teach: Becoming Human Website

v      Especially when you have to teach your students first how to use the tech and only then you can actually work through that which you wanted to in the first place

v      Once it is in place does it really save you time? Is it worth it?

v      In creating the website, it will never be done, ever! It could always look better, have more interactive elements to it, be more “user” friendly, and for what? For how many people?