England Adventures!

Study Breaks & All

June ~ July 2002

Arriving in England

Best B&B in Dover

Stonehenge of course!

Ancient Ruins of Glastonbury

Ancient Statues

The Tor of Glastonbury

The archway of the Tor

Tor at Sunset

The Grandeur of the Tor

Robbins Hall; home sweet home

Awe, the dorm room

Lighthouse at the Hoe

Plymouth Harbor

Steps to the Mayflower

Big Ben, London

British Library

Having a spot of tea at the Brit. Lib.

"Mama Mia!"

Hostess at Lebanese Restaurant

Yummy Food!

Trafalgar Square

Outdoor Theater near Cornwall

Studying the program!

Opening Scene

Best Actors Ever!

Cristan & Me

Kay & Me

The Three of us in Landsend

Grand houses of

Knight Relief

Celtic Cross


No Man's Land?

Sherry & World Cup Soccer